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About Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic Lashes in boxMagnetic Lashes are a simple concept that will have you wondering why you haven’t used them your whole life. Instead of fumbling around with sticky glue, these lashes make it easy to have an instant voluminous lash in minutes that can be re-used over and over.


  • FULL LASH WIDTH (1.25 inches)
  • CUSTOM LASHES (We can make any lash into a magnetic lash for you)

We make our magnetic lashes by hand using two false lashes for a top and bottom lash, then 3 magnets on each lash so we are able to give the lash a curve by giving more space between magnets on the top lash.
We just started making these in May 2017 and have been making minor adjustments every couple weeks as we gained feedback and suggestions from our customers. By now we have made over 3000 lash sets (that is 12000 individual lashes!) so we are really getting proficient at making them and are perfecting our lash design to get closer to a one size fits all lash.

Because our lashes have 3 magnets, they could be a bit more tricky to learn to apply compared to a 1 magnet lash, but to get the full lash look with the curve, it is worth it. Plus they are very secure and can be worn all day without worries.

magnetic lashesCOMMON QUESTIONS:

Are they heavy?

They are not heavy on the eyes. The magnets are super tiny and lightweight.

How long will they last?

We use a glue that will secure the magnets to the lash. Every time the lashes get separated, the magnets will have some wear and tear. Overtime, the magnets could detach from the lash. It is such a new product, I am not certain how long they will last. We just recently changed the glue and we also are switching to a different magnet style. So we will need more testing to find out how long they will last. Our goal is to make them so they last 2-3 months at least.

Why do you have some bad reviews?

When we first listed our product, we did not expect such a huge amount of orders. We were scrambling to fulfill the orders and there were some that didn’t get out for over 2 weeks because we didn’t have them made yet, or made some mistake in our shipping department. Now we are caught up and have some inventory in stock so we can get orders out right away.

Also, our original lashes had 4 magnets which ended up being too long for a lot of eyes and also much harder to apply. And we didn’t have directions included which now we do including some helpful videos.
We also have had to hire more people to make the lashes and whenever we get some new people, it takes some time to get them all making them the same way. Especially when we keep changing the design every couple weeks! We have listened to the bad reviews, and made adjustments with how we glue the magnets so they are better secured and made sure the directions give explanation on how to get the lashes fitted.

What is the difference between the lengths?

All the lashes are the same width (a full lash 1.25 inches) but they do vary in length. The extra short are 10mm, the short is 13mm, the medium is 16mm and the long is 19mm at the longest point on the lash in the middle. Then they taper to the ends of the lashes being the shortest on the inner eye.

I have small eyes, will they fit me?

Most people need to trim our lashes to fit. If they don’t trim them, they will not be able to get them on or comfortable. Once you get them, be sure to trim them to fit your eyes before applying them. I recommend trimming the bottom lash as much as you can since you don’t really need the extra length on the bottom lash. Then trim the top lash as desired to fit your eye width.

How do they magnetize together?

With the Magnetic Lashes, there is basically one false lash on top and one false lash on the bottom, then they click together over your natural lash. ‘Click and Go’ It’s that easy!

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