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About Sugaring

sugaringSQSugaring is Better than Waxing!

Sugaring is better than waxing. Sugaring is not hot. Hands can be used to apply the sugar to the skin, so it cannot be too hot. Sugar is heated in a warmer, but it is only to keep the sugar soft enough to use. A warmer doesn’t heat the sugar much warmer than room temperature. Sugaring grabs more hair. The sugar lubricates the hair follicle while it is being applied, so that when the hair is pulled out, it comes out more easily. There is a technique that can be used with sugar which is like tweezers (the sugar will grab out the small little stubbles). The way that the sugar is removed (we call it a ‘flick’) has less chance of the hair breaking off (like the blue hard wax) and more chance of getting the hair out by the root. Plus it pulls the hair out in the direction that the hair grows, rather than against it like traditional waxing. Sugaring lasts longer. We did a comparison between the hard wax and sugar and saw a noticeable difference after a couple weeks. The side that was sugared had less hair growing back in. This is a result from the sugar grabbing more hair and not breaking the hairs off. Less ingrowns. Sugar is a natural exfoliant which removes the dead skin cells. The dead skin cells are usually the culprit for blocking hairs from growing back in normally, and then they get trapped under the skin.

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