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Enhance Your Beauty with Pink Wink Products!

Add Some Vadazzle Bling!

Add Some Vadazzle Bling!

By on Jun 28, 2014 in HomeSlider | 6 comments

Pamper yourself with a little bling! We now provide shimmering gems as a sexy upgrade. These gems are strategically placed using a safe, pain free skin glue. The semi-permanent gems add a classy edge to any sexy service and are available in designs or individual placement. Vadazzle is also available in numerous colors to fully customize your design.

Pre-made designs are $5-$15. Individual gems are $2 each.


  1. how are you I’m see this from you tube .. can you tell me how can i get it .. Im from Erbil – Iraq

    thank you

    My number : 00964 750 7998006


    September 2, 2014

  2. I’m a guy, and the woman in my life loves me smooth. I shave, but I think it’s nothing like her Brazilian. Can men undergo a Brazilian Waxing? Is it any more painful because of the different anatomy? Thanks Grace, you’re the best. Karen purchases lots of your products.


    June 16, 2016

    • Hello
      Thank you and Karen for your business and faith! It is definitely possible for men to have a brazilian done to them. The intensity is different for everyone so I say go with an open mind and try it out. You could try leaving some hair so it doesn’t take as long and goes by faster or just jump right in and see how you like it. Let me know how it goes after you try it out!


      June 20, 2016

  3. Hi Grace,
    I happened on your site because I was looking for a way to avoid shaving certain parts of my body. More specifically, I don’t feel comfortable shaving around both my nostrils and my breasts, and I’m too embarrassed to go to a laser removal salon. You did a fantastic video for nostrils recently (thank you thank you!) but how do I use the sugar effectively around or directly on the nipple without tearing the skin. I noticed you did it on the skin itself, not the areola, but my case is different. Should I use a different consistency somehow? Is direction important? Should I first put something on the nipple itself like cream? If you don’t mind doing a video explaining and showing how this should be done I’d appreciate it. I really don’t want anyone else doing this on me, so trying to find a way to do this myself as it’s just embarrassing to me personally. Thank you so much for the videos and always seeming to listen to your clients! Cheers! Vero

    Veronica Cook

    May 17, 2017

    • I don’t recommend sugaring over the actual nipple part. You could put a dab of water or vaseline to keep the sugar from sticking to it. Or if some sugar gets on the nipple, you can just use water to wash it off. I demonstrate nipple sugaring at the very end of this video on youtube:
      Skip to about minute 53 right at the end. She doesn’t have much hair, but you can see how fast and easy it is to sugar your own breasts.


      May 25, 2017

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