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Get Your Magnetic Lashes!

Get Your Magnetic Lashes!

By on Aug 29, 2017 in HomeSlider | 0 comments

Made with Ginger lashes are handmade in the USA using pre-made full lash strips (these are made in Indonesia and are 100% human hair) and strong neodymium magnets that ensures the lashes stay in place all day. We have even tested wearing them underwater swimming and they stay on, as long as you have waterproof mascara on the base of the natural lashes.

Because our lashes are a full strip and have 3 magnets, they will be a bit more challenging to learn to apply compared to a 1 magnet half lash. However, if you want the full lash look, it’s worth learning the technique. Once you learn how to put them on, it is a cinch and only takes a few seconds. The lashes can be re-used over and over basically until a magnet comes off. Our hope is that they will last 2-3 months but we have only been making them for a few months by now, so we don’t have long term results yet. Please give us your feedback and let us know. We have already made improvements on the glue that we use to apply the magnets to the lashes. We are getting faster at making them but they still take 6-8 hours to make and then we let them dry 12 hours before packaging them to ship. We are working to build up inventory so there is no delay in shipping but right now it can take 7-14 days before we ship out. We ship out of Golden, Colorado. Watch our youtube videos to learn how to put them on. Subscribe to our channel to get updates. We have already made drastic improvements since we started based off customer suggestions, and we will continue looking for new ways to make them better. We offer four size options in lash length (not the lash width). All the lashes taper from end to end so the longest part in the middle on the extra short is 10mm,short is 13mm, medium is 16mm and long is 19mm. The lashes are pre-curled. There are 3 sets of magnets on each lash which are specifically set to allow the lash to curve with the natural eye curve.

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