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My Pink Wink for Salons and Spas

By on Aug 27, 2015 in Ask Grace | 4 comments

This is a conversation I had with a woman who manages a medical spa and I thought her questions were FAQs that other salons may be wondering as well regarding the My Pink Wink Cream and anal bleaching services.

D: I was speaking with Stephanie Holvick and she recommended I get in touch with Grace regarding intimate area bleaching. I want to start offering it at my office. I have read some articles that use chemical peels for the procedure and was wondering what you use. I see you advertise My Pink Wink. Are you able to get a quantity discount on that? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Grace: I love it when salons offer anal bleaching with My Pink Wink Cream.
Are you thinking of applying the cream as a service type add on treatment? And then selling the cream for home use?
How many jars of cream would you like to order to start?  I do offer a quantity discount.

D: Yes, I was wanting to offer it as a service and then home use. I have no idea how popular this will be so I am unsure of what my initial order would be? Is there a minimum?

Grace: Its a great add on service, especially when your patients are doing another service in that area like Brazilian waxing or laser hair removal.
What we do at Acomoclitic Studio is charge an extra $10 if they want to try an application of my pink wink cream. We also can apply it to the vaginal area as well (if desired).
Once they try it, you can sell them the cream to use at home.
If you offer the anal and vaginal bleach service (not as an add on) and perhaps with a peel or microdermabrasion, I would include the cost of the jar in the price (at least on the first session) because they are only going to get noticeable results by using the cream at home on a consistent basis.
We offer a discount on 9 Packs.

D: Thank you Grace.  I see that My Pink Wink can be purchased anywhere online. How do you get your customers to purchase from you?

Grace: We have it on the shelf at Acomoclitic and we sell a lot of it. We even have walk in customers who only come in to buy the cream. Even though they could buy it online, there are many reasons they would rather purchase it at a store/salon. And oftentimes they hear about the cream from the estheticians and then purchase it when checking out.
Another option for you would be to private label so there is no competition for you online. I can send the cream to you without labels and you can label it.

D: I read an article on intimate area bleaching and they perform a peel in the area several times before starting home treatment. Do you do the peels? Thanks so much for your assistance.

Grace: I have not ever tried doing a peel on the anal and vaginal area but I have heard about it being offered. I watched a great video on youtube where the esthetician explained how she did an anal and vaginal bleaching chemical peel, but she did not do the inside/sensitive areas. She only did outside the anus and vaginal lips with the peel. So what’s great about the cream is it can be applied to the inside/sensitive areas where it may not be safe to do a peel.

D: Is there a certification or training I need to do?

G: There is no certification needed if you are already a licensed professional. It looks like you are an RN.
If your facility wanted me to come there, I would be willing to if you paid the cost for my plane ticket and hotel. I could offer a class for 1-2 hours and that should be enough time to cover everything you would need to get started with offering the service and selling the cream. If there is any interest in learning sugaring, I could spend a full day teaching how to sugar.
To save cost, I could also be available through Google Hangout and answer you and your staff’s questions about the product and give some tips on selling it to the customers. If we did that, I would want to send you your order first so you had it available during the Hangout.

Basically you are applying the cream to the skin just like a lotion. Wear gloves or use a tongue depressor. You only need a very small amount since it is concentrated. I notice that our 0.5oz jar has lasted over a year in the treatment room. We also sell a 0.3oz jar now, so I would suggest putting one of those in your treatment room for the application on the patient. The cream uses peptides instead of acids to brighten the skin, so it shouldn’t hurt them even on the most intimate parts. Try it on yourself first so you know what it’s like. There are no added perfumes/dyes/aromatherapy.

D: What is wholesale and what is retail on it? I am very interested in carrying it.
G: I can give you a break on price when ordering in bulk. I recommend the 9 Pack to get started. The most popular is to order the Regular Formula for $325 with free shipping (within the USA).
If you wanted more, I can speak to my chemist about giving me a break on the cost of the cream to give you an even greater discount.
Here is a link to view the private label prices, if you choose to go that route:
One of my customers, ordered a 3.4oz jar and then she bottled it into smaller jars herself to sell to her clients. This is also a good way to do it to save money and if you wanted a different style jar for your own unique look.

D: Thank you for all that information Grace. I can do the google chat thing with you. I am not a salon and don’t offer sugaring. Not even sure what it is :). We do laser treatments and I have had a few women ask about pigmentation on the labia. I could do it as an add on for that procedure. There are only two of us that do procedures but 4 of us that sell products.
I would like to place an order. What is the typical retail price for the product?

Grace: I would recommend $49.
Most of the people that buy it for resale just order it from me and mark it up to whatever they want.
Do you want me to send you an invoice through Paypal for your order?
I also need your shipping information and we can get everything sent to you tomorrow.

D: Thank you Grace. I just watched your youTube video on the pink wink 🙂

Grace: I’m glad you saw the video. 🙂
I saw your payment and Rachelle is getting it ready to ship. You will be emailed the tracking number.
Thanks for your order.

D: I received the Pink Wink and was looking at the ingredients. What ingredient is for skin lightening?

Grace: The peptides

D: I changed the name to Lighten Up! and they love it. I think they were uncomfortable with the My Pink Wink name 🙂

Grace: That’s a cute name too with the double meaning. I love it! Plus it works for all areas of the body instead of just the ‘pink wink’. I understand how your customers might feel. I used to not label my jars at all so that the cream was inconspicuous. Once I started selling online though, I found that since the customers didn’t know me personally, they expected a label to be sure of what they ordered, so I started labeling them after that.

D: I thought Lighten Up! was a great name for it. Glad you like it. I also put a label on the bottom with the ingredients and directions.

Grace: Awesome!


  1. i wanted to purchase my pink wink cream to india, i tried from amazon its not possible can u pls tell how i can buy that cream

    aarti pawar

    January 22, 2016

    • Aarti
      Thank you for your intrest in our My Pink Wink Cream! We have sent to India before and should be able to if you go through our main web site here:
      Let us know if you have any questions.


      January 25, 2016

  2. Hi Grace, I was wondering what is the difference between the “regular” and “advanced” pink wink. I couldn’t find any information on this on your website


    February 2, 2016

    • The advanced formula is three times stronger than the regular formula. You will see faster results using the advanced formula.


      February 3, 2016

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