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About Sugaring

sugaringSQSugaring is Better than Waxing!

Sugaring is better than waxing. Sugaring is not hot. Hands can be used to apply the sugar to the skin, so it cannot be too hot. Sugar is heated in a warmer, but it is only to keep the sugar soft enough to use. A warmer doesn’t heat the sugar much warmer than room temperature. Sugaring grabs more hair. The sugar lubricates the hair follicle while it is being applied, so that when the hair is pulled out, it comes out more easily. There is a technique that can be used with sugar which is like tweezers (the sugar will grab out the small little stubbles).

About Butt Zit Cream

Use Butt Zit Cream to Get Rid of Butt Zits!

Butt Zit Cream is made to work fast on those pesky butt pimples that can oftentimes be painful, inflamed, and hard to treat. Apply the cream on the zit and watch it dry up after 24-48 hours. Only a small dab is needed. Works best if you apply the cream to clean skin such as immediately following a shower or bath. Butt zit cream is a strong formula made for the butt so do not use it on your face. However, it is safe to use on Back Acne.

About Vadazzle


Add Some Vadazzle Bling!

Many people ask, when will I ever use Vadazzle? Well, let me give you some ideas of when you can use Vadazzle. Vadazzle is not only to dazzle up your vaginal area but you can also dazzle up your navel area or areola. We have many customers who use our Vadazzle products, from dancers to stay-at-home Moms.

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